Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bunnies and Buttcracks

Well by now the picture of Watson with bunny ears is famous in certain circles. I have been playfully shamed by some and told I'm going to hell by others for doing that to him. I mean really people, they're just bunny ears! They cost 3.99 at Walgreens! And he did not seem to mind them while they were on. If he grows up and has some sort of weird furry fetish, well then, I guess I'll take the blame for that.

Anyway, in addition to putting our son is stupid outfits and taking pictures, we've been participating in lots of other quality activities. As you can see, Brandon is teaching Watson the tough ways of the accountant. Bang that fist on that calculator! Show them who's boss!

Aside from his somewhat cranky old man personality traits, Watson is also suffering from male pattern baldness. That luscious head of locks has been withered down to what you see here. And the back looks even more ridiculous. He's rubbed it almost all off while sleeping. He's not any less cute, but I will say I am looking forward to it all growing back in.

We're also very tickled by Watson's butt. It makes us laugh. It's just so cute and tiny! Look at it! It's hilarious is it not? And you can never have enough embarrassing pictures of your kids naked, in my opinion. I am going to have so much fun showing them off to any future girlfriends or boyfriends!

So yeah we've been amusing ourselves quite a bit at the expense of our son. But we're also sensitive to his needs and his development. Last time I wrote he had only just begun to pay attention to objects. Now he is fully into holding and grabbing his toys (and also my hair and Brandon's beard). It's awesome to see his mind at work. He is also getting so strong. He's nearly 16 pounds now. He can keep his head up and he now has one of those little chairs to help him learn to sit. He seems pretty into it. Soon enough he'll be sitting on his own, then he'll be rolling over, and crawling, and then walking! It's just f**king amazing really, watching this kid grow! There is nothing I would rather be doing with my life.

I will wrap this up by saying that out of all the things I love to do with Watson, watching him sleep might be my favorite thing right now. That may change, but right now he is just so precious and wonderful when he's all cozied up in bed. I love the way he looks in the pic below, like a little sleeping creature. My little Watson gnome.

Alright that's it for now. I'm going to go take some more pics of his buttcrack now.


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