Saturday, July 4, 2009

Busy Baby!

Since I last posted Watson has attended three weddings, cut two teeth, eaten real food, learned to read, and is now walking!

No but seriously, the first three things on that list are true. It's been a busy month and a half. We survived the weddings well. Although it must be noted that this kid does not appreciate loud, noisy parties, and when pushed to his limit, he becomes very cranky. Who doesn't though? So needless to say, the weddings start out well and by the end of the night he's crying and tired and pissed at me for keeping him there so long. Luckily he forgives me pretty quickly and moves on.

One of the weddings we went to was on the Oregon coast. That's right! Watson's first plane trip. We were feeling fairly anxious about it but it ended going as smooth as can be. I nursed Watson while the plane was ascending and he then fell asleep for about an hour. It's a short flight to Portland and before I knew it we were there and he was still in a good mood! Yay baby! The two hour car ride to the coast, not so much. He needed a lot of coddling and entertaining and there was still quite a bit of crying and fussing by the time we got there. Again, can you blame him? No one likes to be strapped in an uncomfortable seat for hours, staring at the same face that keeps trying to make you laugh or smile when really you probably just want to be left alone!

The plane trip back was smooth as well, although he was awake most of time. Luckily he was in a good mood and the people next to me were great grandparents who love babies. Even the two bachelors behind me complimented Watson on what a good baby he was the whole flight. Very sweet. So I can't say I want to fly anywhere any time soon, but all in all, it was a positive experience.

In other news, Watson now has two bottom front teeth. It's a good thing they are so cute and make his smile even more beautiful, cuz they were kind of a bitch for everyone when they were growing in. His sleep pattern still has not fully recovered.

In addition to new teeth, he has also tried some new food. He has tried some rice cereal, banana, and avocado. None of which did he like very much or seem interested in. I am going to revisit next month and see how it goes. It's not as if he's starving, contrary to what certain Grandmothers might think (No Mom, he does not need a french fry!).

Other than all that he really is just moving around like a wild baby, rolling and scooting and almost sitting up on his own. Soon enough he is going to be crawling all over the place, giving me a good workout. I look forward to it, I need the exercise.

That's it for now, Happy 4th of July everyone!


Andi, Brandon, and Watson

First non booby milk food!

Wedding #2

Teeth! coming soon....

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