Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Watson Rusk Year One

Well folks, Watson turned a year old last Sunday. I'm still sort of in disbelief that it has been an entire year since my belly looked like this --->

And it seems like just yesterday that we brought Watson home, all bundled up and tiny and proceeded to have the most nightmarish, nervewracking week of our lives! We only survived because of his sweetness.

But now he's hardly a baby anymore (tears welling up) and he's on the go. Well, I guess he's been kind of on the go since four months when he decided he wanted to roll over. He hasn't stopped moving since then. He went from rolling to crawling to walking and now running and climbing on top of the coffee table!

I continue to be in a constant state of awe at watching my boy grow. It is truly an incredible and wonderful thing to watch. I find myself imagining what he's going to be like as the years go by. I'm so excited to see him turn into a little man!

I've also come to terms with the fact that he is already cuter, hipper, and way more likeable than I am. Everyone that knows him loves hime. Strangers love him too and he loves strangers. He's always so smiley wherever we go. And I get the feeling sometimes that even people I know are more interested in being around him than they are in being around me. But that's totally okay with me. He deserves the adoration.

So here's to Watson's first year, it was a great one. Hope the second one is even better!

Watson on his first birthday!

There is nothing better than baby butt!

-mama rusk

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  1. Congrats. Your boy is very handsome and you should br very proud!!!