Monday, February 23, 2009

Watson at Five Weeks

Oh man, this kid is so cute it makes me sick. Not literally of course, but close enough. Everyday he gets bigger (almost 12.5 lbs) and cuter. Everyday he gets to be a little bit more of a person, and as his papa, it is very exciting. He smiles more now, and has even been known to smile AT people from time to time.
Basically, he makes everything that much better. This past weekend was spent running errands. Now that might not sound like fun, but when its with him and his mom, all of a sudden there is nothing I would rather be doing. Running errands was not all we did though, we also used that little bulb thing on his nose. Yes, that's right, I suctioned a big ol booger out of his nose, and it was very rewarding. Now he can breath a bit easier and I know its not the size of the nose but the size of the booger, it was HUGE.

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